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 an introduction 

In my design practice, I am curious to explore how I can employ my perspectives as a young female designer in order to identify, highlight, and challenge sexist issues experienced by myself and other women in our culture.


Despite social progression regarding gender equality, sexist prejudices regarding gender-specific stereotypes and appropriate tasks still exist; the ramifications of which are still a pertinent and integral issue in contemporary society and subsequently design, necessitating feminist intervention to challenge and change these conceptions.


Examining the physical spaces delineated by the patriarchy for women to inhabit is important to discern how it has shaped the stereotypical image of woman. In patriarchal ideology, perhaps one of the most prominent and pervasive of the conceptions of women’s rightful role, is their encumbering with all things ‘domestic,’ – this in physical terms manifesting as the home. Sexism has engendered a sexual division of labour, which describes the delegation of different tasks between males and females. This division is evident within women’s experiences or practices of design in many different ways.


Due to gender inequality and the subjugation of women in society being such a mammoth topic, I felt it would be pertinent to set some parameters regarding my contextualisation within feminist theory. Although I have employed both past and present feminist literature and theory such as Made in Patriarchy: Towards a Feminist Analysis of Women in Design by Professor Cheryl Buckley, I have situated my project within Fourth-wave feminism. This is a phase of feminism regarded to have begun in 2012, and is characterised largely by its utilisation of the internet as a tool for social mobility in order to further it’s feminist agenda. 


I have therefore used many different online platforms such as ‘The Everyday Sexism Project,’ Podcasts such as ‘The Guilty Feminist,’ and Instagram to identify issues that I could re-imagine or give physicality to through my material investigation in 'Feminism in the Third Dimension.'

 women that inspired me 

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posters inspired from women's marches

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